Office of the Lieutenant Governor of Iowa

Lieutenant Governor Reynolds

200,000 New Jobs for Iowans

Our administration’s goal is 200,000 new jobs for Iowans over the next five years. First, we must provide a business environment which is competitive with other states. According to the 50-State Property Tax Study by the National Taxpayers Conference, commercial property valued at $500,000 in Des Moines pays more tax than similar property in New York City. A comparison of rural commercial property tax rates yields similar results. I want to work with local governments to reduce commercial property taxes to less than the Midwest average. This will attract new businesses and jobs to Iowa—jobs for your communities.

We also need to improve and enhance Iowa’s economic development efforts. My proposal is to establish the Iowa Partnership for Economic Progress, a private-public partnership similar to the successful effort in Des Moines and other cities. We need to tout our state’s strengths to the country and world. Through this partnership, we will market Iowa’s remarkable qualities and create new opportunities for job creation.